The Greatest True Story Ever Told

Have you ever noticed that humans have an innate need for story? That may seem kind of a strange question. You may not have thought of it before, but I sometimes wonder why I have an intense need for story. It seems like a strange kind of a need to, well, need. But I've noticed … Continue reading The Greatest True Story Ever Told


Accepting or Rejecting Writing Criticism

Today, when I was cruising around a writers' website where I'm a member, I came across this old article I'd posted on it.  Still applicable, so I thought I'd share it on my writing blog for all other aspiring writers out there who may happen to stumble onto it.   We're all writers here, right? And … Continue reading Accepting or Rejecting Writing Criticism


November is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as it's come to be called affectionately by the initiate--or even just Nano, more affectionately by the very initiate). I've been back home in Canada since the beginning of June and have given myself a year off of work for one reason or another (mainly, I still … Continue reading NaNoWriMo

A Small and Piecemeal Life (and Learning to Be Okay with It)

I once thought (as most of us think) that I would "be" something when I "grew up." I mean, "be" one, specific something. We're trained from an early age to think so. Adults (who we presumed already "were" something) would descend from their lofty heights down to kid level to ask the age-old, "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" If we didn't know, we had to make something up on the spot...

The Passover

"Faith led Moses to establish the Passover and spread the blood on the doorposts so that the destroying angel would not kill the firstborn sons" (Hebrews 11:28). Let's start our look at the Passover today with the character Exodus 12:23 calls “the destroyer” as he is one of the key players...