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New Perspective

Departing from my usual rant format on this blog, I decided to let someone else talk for a change and share a video that gave me a new perspective on recent events; a perspective I didn’t have before, seeing I’ve only had (mostly) good experiences with cops. It’s long but well-worth watching. For a psychopath (yes, literally. I’ll add the link to David’s testimony after the first video, the subject of this post), I always find David Wood to be a voice of reason. He’s not what you might call tactful, but he’s a lover of truth. Always controversial but never boring. And a brilliant dude into the bargain.

On a side note, David’s description of the Type 5 sadistic personality got me thinking about the trend I’ve found most alarming during all the recent unrest. It’s called “cancel culture.” (I compared it to a Roman circus in my last rant.) Through cancel culture, I’m seeing how rampant the bullies among us really are. These personality types might be drawn to careers that give them expression for it, but the behaviour is widespread among the average citizenry once they get their hands on a little bit of power (as schoolyards and cancel culture will demonstrate. At least it’s honest bullying in the schoolyard, not bullying masked as virtue, so I think I prefer the schoolyard version myself).

So, here ya go! If you’re interested in current events (which you must be, or why else would you be on this blog?), give it a watch, and maybe you’ll gain a new perspective, too.


David Wood’s testimony video:


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