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So Let Me Get This Straight…

So let me get this straight…

According to our objective, impartial, “just the facts, ma’am,” mainstream media, rioting, burning, vandalizing, robbing stores, taking over city blocks, stopping traffic, and physically attacking those who disagree with you can be characterized as “mostly peaceful protests”; the disenfranchised using their voices in the only way they know how, expressing their frustrations by the only means left available to them.

Trump and his supporters seeking a legal investigation into the anomalies of probably the most bizarre and unprecedented election in US history, possibly planning to contest the results of the election in the courts (last time I checked, an actual “mostly peaceful” process) can be characterized as an outrage; a blatant example of Trump’s fascism; Trump “suing the American people.”

In fact, I think the legal recourse is exactly what should happen in this situation. In today’s powder-keg cultural climate, how else could the issue be settled? If the side presently declared the losers aren’t satisfied that they lost fair and square, the only way to convince them will be a thorough investigation. In that case, shouldn’t both sides want a thorough investigation? Surely, we all want the truth brought to light, no matter which side wins or loses. (Yes, that’s a tongue-in-cheek statement. Let me amend to, “We should all want the truth brought to light.”)

My next post will be on the subjects of truth and justice and our lack of omniscience in these areas and the flaws in the justice system. Next post does have relevance to this post’s subject–the death of true investigative journalism. I freely admit I have lost every shred of faith in the mainstream media to bring us the truth. But I still think our court system is in a little better shape. I still think it’s the best option we have for discovering and uncovering truth as a society, generally.

I know we’re a very polarized people these days, but can we at least agree to stop trusting the mainstream media? I don’t usually like to make strong, overblown, inflammatory statements on this blog (I save that for my real life), and I wasn’t going to make any comment at all on the 2020 US election, but enough is enough! I am willing to go on record as being officially anti-mainstream media. They passed “biased” about ten miles back and are now heading for “brainwashed.” This has never been clearer than through all the craziness of everything 2020. Especially the crazy 2020 election.

Mainstream journalism is dead. Long live independent journalism.

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