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At one time, I considered myself largely apolitical. I always voted when I got the chance, and I always voted for my most conservative option. But this was mostly out of habit. I had a mild affinity for the conservative side because the other side usually seemed a little crazier. But just a little. It was hard to work up much enthusiasm over politics because one side was hard to tell from the other.

That changed for me first in 2015 with the election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada (my country) and even more so in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Then I couldn’t help noticing that one side really began to look crazy. (I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about which side I mean.) The culture wars were heating up to boiling point. I started to get more politically informed. I discovered I had lots of opinions. Opinions mostly on culture and how it intersects with Christianity. But those opinions accidentally began to turn political.

And then I found myself wanting to share those opinions. Wisely or unwisely, I’ve started this blog to do that.

I kept “conservatism” in “categories”because part of what I want to talk about in this blog is the noticeable cultural shift toward the right, but I considered leaving “conservatism” out.  The two Cs I care about are culture and Christianity. The conservatism is my de facto position because it is the side that seems less opposed to Christianity and every Christian value.

And that’s a puzzle. “Why,” I’ve often asked myself, “does one side of the political spectrum get it so wrong? Every? Single? Time?” (I mean from the perspective of the Bible and what it teaches. Which, as a Christian, is the perspective I approach life from.) It occurred to me that conservatives are not somehow naturally more righteous than the “liberal” left. It’s just that the left has been the dominating cultural force for a long time. They’ve held the reins of power for decades in all the big areas of general cultural influence. And the Bible tells us that there are really only two kingdoms battling it out on this globe of ours since its earliest days. It also tells us that humanity elected the wrong guy for our ruler way back in Genesis 3, and we’ve suffered under his oppressive regime ever since. But we still haven’t wised up. Most of us are still hellbent on voting for this dictator-of-the-worst-possible-stripe to enslave us. The way that leads to destruction is broad and well-travelled, we’re told. I think that’s the reason the majority position has always been a position in opposition to the God of the Bible and His rule.

And that brings me to the name of this blog. I realized that everything I wanted to write about really comes down to the clash between these two kingdoms (but that name was already in use). In fact, all the good names with “kingdom” in them had been taken already. So instead of, “A Clash of Kingdoms,” I ripped off that superior title and went with “Crowns Colliding” (which essentially means the same thing).

And that’s it. The battle between these two kingdoms that plays out in politics and our culture war is what this blog is about.

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Connie Cook is the author of Bible studies and other Christian books available on Amazon.