An Uber Driver Named Leo

  I had a year-long temporary resident visa for Mexico when I first came.  But I'm here in Mexico for thirteen months.  So I needed to make a quick run north to Texas to exit Mexico and re-enter on a tourist visa.  Mission accomplished, but none of that is really the story I want to … Continue reading An Uber Driver Named Leo


A Small and Piecemeal Life (and Learning to Be Okay with It)

I once thought (as most of us think) that I would "be" something when I "grew up." I mean, "be" one, specific something. We're trained from an early age to think so. Adults (who we presumed already "were" something) would descend from their lofty heights down to kid level to ask the age-old, "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" If we didn't know, we had to make something up on the spot...